Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Any Questions...?

If you have any questions about the Ipswich Regent Theatre that isn't already covered on this site, please ask them here...


Anonymous said...

On several occasions I have tried to purchase tickets for some of the more popular acts you have coming to the theatre, only to be informed that they are sold out.

This in itself is frustrating, but I do accept that it happens. However, then finding tickets for shows such as Russell Brand and Will Young being sold on eBay for extortionate sums of money is extremely annoying!

I thought you had a policy regarding the re-sale of show tickets! Is there nothing that can be done to stop these 'touts' from buying up tickets to re-sell, thwarting genuine and honest people such as myself??

Mrs P
Ipswich, Suffolk

Ipswich Regent said...

Both the tickets and the ticket wallets that we issue state that our tickets may not be re-sold or transferred for profit or commercial gain and that failure to comply will make the ticket void. However, at times this can be very difficult to enforce. eBay for example are not willing to stop their members reselling tickets and the music industry as a whole is moving towards legitimising the 'secondary ticketing market' in order to ensure that their artists are not exploited by third parties. So in the future it is likely that promoters will directly issue tickets to auction sites.

From the theatre's point of view we do monitor sites such as eBay and contact sellers direct to remind them of our Conditions of Sale, which regularly leads to tickets being voided. At the theatre we also have a policy that a proportion of tickets for high demand shows will be available for walk-up sales at the box office. I would also suggest that you register online to receive our 'Ticket Alert' which notifies our customers when new shows are due to go on sale.

Technically, many of our high profile shows have hired the theatre and as such the promoters issue tickets to a number of sales outlets. If tickets have been issued by a third party we do not have access to the purchaser's details and are unable to contact them if their tickets are seen on sites such as eBay.

We do take this matter seriously and wherever possible we take the appropriate steps to ensure that our regular customers and genuine fans are able to purchase tickets to the shows of their choice.