Thursday, 4 December 2008

New Show - Sooty in Space

Wednesday 8th April 2009
Tickets: £12.00
Booking Fee £1.00

5 …..4 …..3 …..2 …..1 …..BLAST OFF!!
Join Sooty, Sweep and Soo on their intergalactic adventure into Space!

See Sooty's amazing rocket! Meet Harry, the fantastic robot! Look out for the 3-legged Martians!! Watch out for the Flying Saucers …….. and Cups!!
And who will rescue Sweep??!!

This is Sooty's most spectacular stage show for over a decade! Written by Matthew Corbett, and starring his successor, Richard Cadell - Sooty's TV partner - Sooty In Space is a big family treat that's guaranteed to delight Sooty fans old and new.

Don't miss the launch! Reserve your flight tickets now!

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